Novato, CA (94945) Most Reliable Vehicle Relocaters equipped with the latest tools


If you’ve been searching for a reliable, trustworthy and dependable auto transport, then you may last your search on this page finally. Midsommar Car Transport solutions are a simple way to ensure your vehicle is moved safely from your old residence to your new destination, giving you one less thing to worry about during your move.


Our major covered the area’s of service:

  • Car Shipping from Novato, CA to Phoenix, AZ
  • Car Shipping from Novato, CA to Seattle, WA
  • Car Shipping from Novato, CA to Boston, MA
  • Car Shipping from Novato, CA to Miami, FL
  • Car Shipping from Novato, CA to Atlanta, GA
  • Car Shipping from Novato, CA to New York, NY
  • Car Shipping from Novato, CA to Chicago, IL
  • Car Shipping from Novato, CA to Denver, CO
  • Car Shipping from Novato, CA to Dallas, TX
  • Car Shipping from Novato, CA to Philadelphia, PA

We Provide end to end Transportation and equipped with the latest tools:

  • Drivers and owners cross check up for pre-trip vehicle condition reports
  • No pre delivery deposit required for shipping the car, we get paid after your satisfaction
  • Auto transport the passenger vehicles, trucks, vans, RV’s and other vehicle types
  • Coastal coverage for car transport services in California
  • Exceptional & friendly customer service
  • Your vehicle is fully insured after pick-up to final delivery

Auto Transport and Shipping Three Times a Week

  • Novato to Georgia
  • Novato to New Jersey
  • Novato to Nevada
  • Novato to Florida
  • Novato to New York
  • Novato to North Carolina
  • Novato to Pennsylvania
  • Novato to Washington
  • Novato to Ohio
  • Novato to Illinois
  • Novato to Arizona

Auto Transport and Shipping One to Two Times a Week

  • Novato to Indiana
  • Novato to Missouri
  • Novato to Wisconsin
  • Novato to Michigan
  • Novato to Tennessee
  • Novato to Maryland
  • Novato to Alabama
  • Novato to Connecticut
  • Novato to South Carolina
  • Novato to Colorado
  • Novato to Minnesota
  • Novato to Kentucky

Auto Transport and Shipping Once a Week

  • Novato to Mississippi
  • Novato to Arkansas
  • Novato to Utah
  • Novato to Oregon
  • Novato to Kansas
  • Novato to Massachusetts
  • Novato to South Dakota
  • Novato to Delaware
  • Novato to West Virginia
  • Novato to New Mexico
  • Novato to North Dakota
  • Novato to Maine

Largest & Most Recognized Car Transport Company in the California.

For the past few years, Midsommar has been delivering cars across the country and coast to coast, Midsommar Car relocaters possesses the largest, most advanced car shipping fleet in the industry. Car carriers of all sizes and types are available to meet exacting requirements of customer. We have multitude of options to meet your specific auto transport needs.

Novato, CA Auto Transport Service & Shipping Services Includes.

  • Door to Door
  • Dealer to Dealer
  • Local Towing
  • Open/Enclosed Car Carriers
  • Licensed, Insured and Bonded
  • The Best Prices
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Large network of Quality carriers
  • Friendly, Honest, Reliable staff

We have years of experience in shipping vehicles in a Fast, Safe and Economical Shipping Service. We value honesty and integrity and respect each of our clients by providing a damage free auto transport service in all major cities of California such as Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Los Angeles and all others. Anywhere your car needs to be picked up and delivered, not to worry. Leave it to us, we will transport your Car, Motorcycle, Exotic, Classic, SUV’s, Off Road Vehicle or Boat.

Guests to Midsommar: For Novato, CA Auto Relocation Quotes, please contact our dispatch team at phone: 1-800-461-6853.